Weatherby Foundation

The mission of the Weatherby Foundation is “to educate youth and the non-hunting public on the beneficial role of ethical sport hunting and its contribution to wildlife conservation.”

Hunting and shooting enthusiasts from around the world remember Roy E. Weatherby for his ammunition and firearms innovations.  Many also remember him for his steadfast support of wildlife conservation and ethical sport hunting.  Today, The Weatherby Foundation International helps preserve these memories and continues his work on behalf of all hunters.

The Weatherby Foundation serves as the sole sponsor of the prestigious Weatherby Hunting and Conservation Award. First presented in 1956, this award recognizes an individual in three basic categories: 1) Hunting Accomplishments, 2) Conservation and Education, 3) Character and Sportsmanship. Nominations for this award are open to all ethical hunters and have been awarded to individuals from all around the world. Also noteworthy, there have been several women nominees.

“What does it take to win the Weatherby Award”; Climb a few million feet, walk a few thousand miles, spend years away from home, family and work, usually in a foreign land. Travel for days on icy, gravel mountain roads mostly in old jeeps. Endure hundreds of searcWildlifeMuseum19_JoeNewmanhes in airports, borders and military checkpoints. Get sick or hurt, lose luggage and suffer delays too numerous to mention. ”It is a passion and way of life for a few very fortunate people.”

Please take a moment to walk thru the Weatherby Foundation room inside the museum. There you can watch a movie explaining more about the Weatherby Award and about Mr. Weatherby himself and see the many pictures and trophies of past winners. To learn more about the Weatherby Foundation, please visit their website at