Hoy Insect Exhibit is now open!


 Insects, Insects Insects!!!!!!!!!

Who loves bugs, you ask? Well Dr. William Hoy absolutely loves his work and identifies himself as “an expert insect identifier.” As a field expert he is educated to observe the life of an insect. “I collect them to learn more about them,” Dr.  Hoy says.

Trained at the Smithsonian, the institute is where Dr. Hoy learned and gained experience in “pinning” insects and setting up for display. He was born in Washington DC and grew up near the Smithsonian Institute, where while going to college he often worked part time. It has always been a lifelong dream of Dr. Hoy’s to have a place in the Washington County area to show off the beautiful insects, butterflies, beetles, moths, scorpions, yellow jackets, cicadas and katydids that he has collected over his lifetime. We are so lucky that Dr. Hoy has chosen to display his collection at the Rosenbruch World CuteBugGuyWildlife museum.

Dr. Hoy received his doctorate degree in 1984 in Systematics of Vespids (the study of yellow jackets, bald-face hornets and European hornets). Dr. Hoy is very educated and loves to share his knowledge of the insect world; often giving lectures, presentations to school students, and nature talks at campfire programs at Pine Valley (his home).

Hoy’s expertise goes far beyond insects living in the Southern Utah area. He has traveled worldwide to collect insects in places like Thailand, India, Wales, Scotland, Australia and Africa. He has set up museums all over the world as well “as there are insects everywhere.” The amazing part is, some of those same beetles are found right here in Southern Utah!!